Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse!

September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011

"She was a little angel, a little angel" Tony Bennett






i’m having a really hard time because life feels so normal and yet, how can life be normal without my mom? 

when my brother and dad called me from market basket tonight as i was walking home from the east village asking me where the hot sauce was, i laughed, told them aisle 2 near the eggs and then i hung up the phone and cried. 4 years ago my dad and brother would never have been at a grocery store on a sunday trying to find the hot sauce. 

life is so weird and i’m trying to figure out how i’m supposed to go on forever without her. it’s been so long since we’ve talked— what would she say to me now? would she still think i’m lethargic? would she still be reminding me to brush my teeth everyday even though i already do that?